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expert say steel market (2019.5.6-5.10)

expert say steel market (2019.5.6-5.10)
Issue Time:2019-05-06
My steel: Last week, the  steel market price fluctuated .After the holiday, the market returned one after another, and the demand for the return on the day of the day was bad, but the billet was stronger during the holidays. Although there was a certain correction in the follow-up, there was still a certain increase compared with last week. In addition, the northern market once again began to enter the state of environmental protection, and it is difficult to increase the supply in the short term, but considering that there are a small number of arrivals in the market in the near future, the merchants operate or mainly ship. In May, some of the pre-holiday orders were covered in the demand. For the follow-up market, most of the merchants still performed arbitrarily, so the operation was cautious and they did not dare to expand the inventory. It is expected that the domestic steel market price this week (2019.5.6-5.10) will be dominated by shocks.

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