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Issue Time:2019-04-16

On March 8 2019, the award ceremony of “Respect Age – Top Ten Leaders of Jinghai Economy” sponsored by the CPC Jinghai District Committee and the District People’s Government and sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the District Committee and the Jinghai District News Center opened in Jinghai District Conference Center. The Secretary of the district committee, Lin Xuefeng, awarded certificates and trophies to entrepreneurs who won the titles of top ten economic leaders. Ten entrepreneurs, such as Li Maojin, chairman of Youfa Steel Pipe Group, won the honor.

He has the toughness of steel, devises strategies within a command tent, controls ten millions tons of steel pipe manufacturing enterprises, leading private enterprises in Jinghai to the world!”

This is the award-giving comment given by the evaluation team to Li Maojin, chairman of Youfa Steel Pipe Group. From production line to marketing management, he relies on wisdom, tenacity and perseverance to go out of the road of independent innovation. Over the past thirty-one years, after the hammering of the market and the baptism of the Asian financial crisis, Youfa Group has achieved rapid growth. At present, the group’s welded steel pipes are all over the country, and exported to 100 countries and regions on five continents. It has become the sole leader of ten million tons of welded steel pipe manufacturing enterprises in China and even in the world. Li Maojin has made outstanding contributions in promoting the economic development of Jinghai District and leading the welded steel pipe industry.

Li Maojin, chairman of Youfa, talked about the factors that contributed to the development of Youfa, and answered, “If you say that Youfa has made some achievements in the past 19 years, the external cause is to thank Jinghai, a fertile land. Youfa today is inseparable from the support of leaders and friends from all walks of life. The internal reason is that by relying on the equity cooperation mechanism, a highly cooperative management team has been gathered, which is the greatest wealth of Youfa. From the beginning of the business, the management team devoted all its resources, cut off the back road, make every effort to one place, and finally, a group of ordinary people achieved an extraordinary career. Only then did we realize the rapid development of Youfa.”

Speaking of the driving force of the future development of Youfa, Youfa Chairman Li Maojin stressed that in the work report of the State Council in 2018, China’s economy has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a high-quality development stage. The development of Youfa follows the trend from “high-speed development” to “high-quality development”. Youfa put forward in 2015: “In the future, Youfa does not intentionally pursue the growth of scale, but to manage from the inside, enhance enterprise ROIC, and realize the transformation from big to great.” Specific measures include the full implementation of lean production, the development of the whole industry chain, the development of new products, the creation of green benchmarking factories, etc., to achieve the transformation and upgrading from high-speed growth to high-quality growth.

When asked about the development experience of Youfa Steel Pipe Group, Chairman Li Maojin mentioned that Youfa spirit is “self-discipline and altruism, cooperation and progress”. I’m here to say, “Altruistic, invincible!” The so-called altruism is self-interest after interest others. Internally, if employees are not allowed to have a high income first, why should they be required to produce good steel pipes? If the customers who sell your steel pipes are not allowed to make profits, how to ask them sell your steel pipes to their clients? Always remember to let employees, let customers make money, enterprises can naturally be able to develop, this is altruism!

When talking about the acceptance speech, Youfa Chairman Li Maojin was full of emotion: after 31 years of practice, I have always adhered to the spirit of “self-discipline, altruism, cooperation and enterprising”. I think this is the foundation of sustainable development of enterprises. At the same time, I sincerely thank the government and friends from all walks of life for their support and help. As the leader of Youfa Group, I have the responsibility and obligation to continue to lead the enterprise forward, contribute to the economic development of Jinghai and win glory for Jinghai people.

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